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New website:

August 1, 2019

Start of new detailed database on the artist's work of Sergey Shabohin. Here you can find information about the activities of the artist during the last 10 years.

Website structure:
Information About the artist: full CV, contactsbibliography, selected articles and partner institutions.

Works are presented in the form of Cycles, with detailed technical information, as well as an Index.

Also on the site detailed information about Exhibitions with an Index. + News with Index.

The site has developed a detailed Index with the ability to sort materials by date, place, name and tag.

Work cycles:
All the works of Sergey Shabohin for today can be divided into 13 cycles:

Practices of Subordination

Mobile author collection of objects of fear. Totality archive: the total author’s collection, photographs, documentation of actions, video, objects etc.


Research project. The discovery of the hidden historical layers. Work in the field of memory: public spaces, museums and historically rich places.
Art Aktivism

A series of activist, institutional criticism and anti-aesthetic art works, actions and installations.
We are Stern Consumers of Cultural Revolutions

Work is concerned with the heritage of the avant-garde. At the beginning of the 1920s the art school UNOVIS was located in the town of Vitebsk. Artist points out the fact that, during the Cold War, the ideas of the avant-garde were received in a far more positive and appreciative way in western culture. They are returning to Belarus today in the form of mass culture and design for the mass consumer.
Social Marble
The cycle is based on the practice of cleaning services in Minsk, which are not able to wash graffiti on marble and began to glue them with a film with a marble ornament. Works on historical fakes and layers, on Belarusian society and its myths.
Zones of Repression
Or  Displacement Zones

On the example of how men leave telling each other in the men's toilets of Minsk at the joints between the tiles, the series of works tells about the situation of the LGBTQ + community in Belarus and the styrene conservative society as a whole.
Fear of Castration
The series of works aimed at criticizing the official Belarusian culture through paradoxical clash with gay sex subculture.
Street Without End

The project is dedicated to Novopolotsk – a young city in Belarus, which began to be built in 1958 as a utopia.
Wall paintings are highlighted in a separate cycle of works.

ПУСТ* (PUST) is an interdisciplinary project exploring the processes of mythologization of a specific historical event – the Belavezha Accords of 1991. The project includes а light installation, dance, sound, multi-channel video, along with found and specially created objects.

The cycle of works on migration and borders, smuggling and breaking walls.
Depending on the Pat 

Or The Transparent Choice

A series of objects and actions on the theme of choice.
Every Day I Talk to the Dead & Alive Artists

Appropriation of works by other artists, reflection on the history of art and the art system. Criticism of the commercialization of art and consumerism.
Soon the site will contain information about publications, collections, as well as the procedural journal of the artist.