We are Stern Consumers of
Cultural Revolutions
ID: C6

Since 2012 

The cycle observes the attitude towards the heritage of the historical avant-garde in Viciebsk. In the early 1920s, the art school UNOVIS was located in Viciebsk. The artist points to the fact that during the Cold War the ideas of the avant-garde were perceived much more positively in Western culture, while in Belarus the suprematism and constructivist ideas of UNOVIS were alienated for many years. The cycle looks at these processes and the attitude to the heritage of the avant-garde in the "West" and "East" by way of example of the reconstruction of the building of the Viciebsk public school and the establishment of a museum of the history of this school, which cannot stand up to criticism. The artist demonstrates how the ideas of avant-garde return to Belarus today in the form of mass-cult and design for the mass consumer and how the ideas of the avant-garde school are integrated into the modernity.

Fragment of installation
We are Stern Consumers of
Cultural Revolutions
Ў Gallery, Minsk, Belarus,

Works and events within the cycle: