The incident:
ID: N18.1

The ban on the opening
of the exhibition: 
18 / Practices of Subordination

May, 2018

The exhibition Sergey Shabohin: 18 / Practices of Subordination was not open to the public due to the ban to hold public events in the space Canteen XYZ. This is an act of censorship directed against the institution in connection with its activities in organizing the queer festival Dotyk in Belarus. Thus, the Belarusian authorities prohibit public LGBTK events and punish the organizers.

Installation of the exhibition lasted 11.04 – 31.05.2018.

Sergey Shabohin:
fragment of the exhibition
18 / Practices of Subordination,
Canteen XYZ, Minsk, Belarus,

April 6 — monitoring commission by the district administration visits the gallery;
April 6 – the gallery is banned to host public events, the access to the gallery is forbidden;
April 8 – reciprocal measures and waiting for the permission to open Canteen XYZ gallery;
On May 17, the British embassy hanged a flag in support of the LGBT community of Belarus;
On May 19, the Interior Ministry publicly criticized this action and the LGBT community;
May 21, it became known that previous events directly affected the district administration, who insisted on closing the space.
A month later, the space was forever closed

The exhibition was never open to the public. The exhibition was able to visit only some of the friends and colleagues of the artist on special invitations. Private tours were conducted illegally: June 1 — July 1, 2018.