Solo exhibition:
ID: E20.7


Social Marble:
the Rise of Civil
Society in Belarus

November 1 — 20, 2020

House der Statistic, Berlin, Germany

Artist, idea:
Sergey Shabohin
Project coordinators:
Zmicer Chartkou, Yauheni Fedarovich,  Anna Limantava


Social Marble: dynamic archive of the rise of civil society in Belarus

Before the beginning of the presidential elections in the Republic of Belarus in 2020, we could observe the rapid revival and growth of civil society, which is only strengthening day by day. Every day men and women of Belarus are joining their efforts to achieve the desired changes within the framework of peaceful protest. They demand the resignation of Alexander Lukashenko, who has taken over his post through blatantly rigged elections; to return this post to Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who promised to hold fair elections, release political prisoners and bring to justice all those who took part in rigging, killing, maiming and raping protestants and violated the law. Peaceful protest is getting stronger every day, creating more powerful and complex chains of solidarity and networks of mutual support. The world admires the resilience, creativity, culture and fearlessness of Belarussian protestants.

The project Social Marble: the Rise of Civil Society in Belarus is a personal exhibition of Sergey Shabohin. Within the framework of the project, the artist communicates with selected counter-players from Belarus for several weeks about the phenomenon of the rapid revival of civil solidarity in Belarus during a peaceful protest. As a result of the conversations, a dynamic archive is being created and it is systematically placed on the walls of a uniquely designed structure. The archive is aimed at fixing how exactly Belarusian civil society was born, with key prerequisites and important dates; how protest moods emerged and were transformed; and how everything resulted in an organized peaceful revolution. The archive will include a timeline of the rise and development of protest, as well as a glossary of the new civil society. It will consistently include texts, photographs, terms, quotations, references and dates in the form of printed and glued to the wall documents. The entire process is recorded in real-time by a camera. In parallel, an Instagram account of the project and a detailed project index are maintained as well.

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