Special project:
ID: A21.3

Sergey Shabohin
& Christoph Ogiermann

Practices of Subordination cycle:

January 2021

Sergey Shabohin's collaboration with composer Christoph Ogiermann
Especially for the project Echoes. Voices from Belarus

The composer Christoph Ogiermann (Germany) created 18 compositions for each of the 18 parts of the total archive score of the Practices of Subordination. Sergey Shabohin combined music and fragments of the archive in 18 videos:

Each part is separate. Fragments of Christoph Ogiermann correspondence with the artist are presented under each video. As well as keywords related to a specific part from the archive by Sergey Shabohin:

1 part:

The Principle of the Initial Contract

SHABOHIN: part 1 keywords

State, Ideology: The Principle of the Primary Contract. Genesis

Organism: Disembodied. Conception. Cell Division

City: Foundation (+ Novopolotsk)

Process: Emergence

Selected items: Conception of Fear (A bunch of keys with a knife and a keychain). Door with peephole, chain, lock. Two sensors for switching on the alarm. Faucet and gutter. Key. Syringe. Double socket. Electrical plug. Cell division

The slogan on the flag: First Vaccination of Fear

Ulysses (chapter number): 1

Mythology: Telemachus

Document / note: "Every Time I Have to Leave the House, Open the Front Door Locks – I Get This Fear"

Symbol: Circle / o

OGIERMANN: about the musical work on: Practice of Subordination

From the email conversation with Sergey Shabohin:

hey Sergey,
No.1: Imade a short music for the first "chapter" this morning, just send it over, that You get a first impression
This music could also be played as a loop, so that there is maybe more time to see all the parts of chapter 1....or, what is also possible, the "quiet" electronic parts could be much longer...or...so lets see/hear
I have used the anthem You did propose and some groaning You defenitely know, what it is....the voice says it: maculate conception
have a good day

2 part:

Castitas / Holy Cows of the State

Additional voice by Victoriia Vitrenko

SHABOHIN: part 2 keywords

State, Ideology: Social care. Occurrence of the Conflict

Organism: Reproductive Female System

City: Health Care, Social Services

Process: Birth

Selected items: Unborn Child (Empty breast pump). Medical bed. Matryoshka politics (Matryoshka hole). Dropper tube. Nut. Pomade. Dropper. Hanger. Sow

The slogan on the flag: Sacred State Cows

Ulysses (chapter number): 14

Mythology: Sun Bulls (Helios)

Document / note:  Image search results in Google. Words in search in Russian: Woman Belarus.

Symbol: Vertical mandorla
OGIERMANN: about the musical work on: Practice of Subordination

From the email conversation with Sergey Shabohin:

hej Sergey,
in no 2 there are baby-sounds and a voice (Victoriia Vitrenko) after a while I used the soundfiles from videos of women demonstrating in Belarus, which You had proposed, nearly the whole piece is made of voices

3 part:

Two Forces of Agora

SHABOHIN: part 3 keywords

State, Ideology: Dialogue (Balance of Power) as the Basis of the State

Organism: Heart

City: Agora. Central Square

Process: Permanent Conflict as Harmony

Selected items: In the Heart of the City (Two garbage bags on Victory Square in Minsk). Barricades. Dog training area. Sticks with nails. Fly lock. Pin. Culinary whisk. Applause. Plan of the Athenian Agora

The slogan on the flag: The State Aspires to Serve Just One — the Individual Aspire to Serve Two

Ulysses (chapter number): 15

Mythology: Circe

Document / note: Photo of sticks in the square and two air conditioners

Symbol: Two circles separated by a vertical line / oIo

OGIERMANN: about the musical work on: Practice of Subordination

From the email conversation with Sergey Shabohin:

hey Sergey,
here You go with a first version of part 3:
the sounds are made by feedbacking cassette recorders, applause, the demonstration sounds from Minsk and some sounds of a public which is NOT amused

hej Sergey, what do You mean:
applause is forbidden??? wow, where and when??

Sergey Shabohin:
Yes. In 2011, Belarusians invented silent protests. We just went out into town and sometimes applauded. the authorities issued a ban on unauthorized applause in the city center. This is absurd. There is a story even when an armless man was arrested in Minsk for applause. Welcome to the land of madness.

That´s really "phantasticabsurd": NO public Applause EXCEPT Authorized One....how important Symbols are!! (when power is in danger...)

4 part:

Centre-Periphery (Labyrinth)

All-day-percussion played by Tim Schomacker

SHABOHIN: part 4 keywords

State, Ideology: Planning, spreading ideology

Organism: Circulatory System

City: City Plan. Streets. Transport System

Process: Spreading. Planning

Selected items: Frightening Jaws of Hunger (Bread with a hole that pigeons pecked). Broken umbrella. Novopolotsk and Minsk maps. Staple. Flask. Dominoes

The slogan on the flag: From the Center to the Periphery

Ulysses (chapter number): 10

Mythology: Symplegades (Clashing Rocks)

Document / note: Names of cities: Athens, Novopolotsk, Guernica, Dublin, Minsk

Symbol: Cross / X

OGIERMANN: about the musical work on: Practice of Subordination

From the email conversation with Sergey Shabohin:

hej Sergey,
No 4 seems too long to me, but we will revisit any piece again, when we know everything and find a final form for everything......there is percussion sounds, played by Tim Schomacker, who plays kind of percussion on everyday-things like pots etc....the sounds are distributed in „enormous rooms“ by reverb...so we have the theme of the perephery an the center and the question: who lives from whom, like the guy in the music says: its a kind of colonialism between the center and the peripherals.

5 part:

The Bones of the Power (A Chair on a Table)

SHABOHIN: part 5 keywords

State, Ideology: Strengthening. Create Vertical

Organism: Bone System ​(Skeleton)

City: Architecture

Process: Strengthening

Selected items: Skeleton Mutation (Deformed lower jaw). High relief Solidarity on Nemiga. Chair on the table. Building fram. Mount. Corkscrew. Wrench. Building frame. Guernica scheme

The slogan on the flag: SOLIDARITY

Ulysses (chapter number): 17

Mythology: Ithaca, Ithaki or Ithaka

Document / note: So Scary When You Get Home and the Chair is on the Table (Banal Chair on an Ordinary Table), Nothing More - In This Way They Remind Us of Themselves

Symbol: Circle with a vertical line / Ф

OGIERMANN: about the musical work on: Practice of Subordination

From the email conversation with Sergey Shabohin:

Hi Sergey,
No5...this is a very strict proportional canon in the electronic sounds (which means that the 3 voices play the same music one after another BUT it comes together on the last tone of the piece), the "counterpoint" is a piece for strings, which is connected to the three voices of the canon...the strictness becomes (because its getting closer and closer) something unpredictable as power is, that follows its own rules!

on the form:

I think, there should be also a decision HOW it is presented...as ONE long film with music or in different short parts...(which I would NOT like so much, I saw it on the website of the organizer, that there was one piece with several parts in different Youtubes,,...I think that this is not a good solution)....or is it like this, that people see the whole work of Yours and maybe click on one part, to see it more closely (in a film) together with the music???? Do You have any idea how this is planned in the festival? or is it only in the net?? so many questiions

looking forward....maybe we can have a skype meeting next week??

6 part:

De- / Tumescence (A Spit of the Patriarchy)

SHABOHIN: part 6 keywords

State, Ideology: The Triumph of Patriarchy

Organism: Reproductive Male System

City: Phallocentrism

Process: De- / Tumescence

Selected items: Fear of Castration (Glory Hole). Bodybuilder Prize. Twisted Stele of Victory. Water taps. Screw. Chess piece king. Dildo. Ruler. Fakas. Chin dildo

The slogan on the flag: Blind Spittle of Phallocentrism

Ulysses (chapter number): 13

Mythology: Nausicaa

Document / note: Deformed scan of presidential residence in Minsk

Symbol: Vertical line / |

OGIERMANN: about the musical work on: Practice of Subordination

From the email conversation with Sergey Shabohin:


about No. 6. The guy, who is talking in english about penises is a bodybuilder, who wants to sell Testosteron-Products

working today also on No 7

7 part:


SHABOHIN: part 7 keywords

State, Ideology: Development of the Ideology

Organism: Brain. Central Nervous System

City: Education System. Science

Process: Conceptualization

Selected items: Blue Eye (Gas disc). Tool of Ideology (Empty Flagpole). The grate on the window in the form of the sun. Workshop control panel. Nib. Dividers. TV remote. Ulysses book. Two fists like a brain. Masonic symbol of the all-seeing eye

The slogan on the flag: Depends on the Route

Ulysses (chapter number): 9

Mythology: Scylla and Charybdis

Document / note: Don't Break Out of a Well-Grooved Rut

Symbol: Horizontal mandorla

OGIERMANN: about the musical work on: Practice of Subordination

From the email conversation with Sergey Shabohin:

Dear Sergey, no. 7:
This time, I didn´t react on the soundfiles of Youtube, because I thought: in the musical context of the cycle it would be a little to much MARCHES!....so, I did a piece that refers more to the nervous system of a subject. The electronic outbursts are initiated by very short reminiscences to the first 6 pieces, in which the formation of the subordinate subject comes to a kind of end. The subject tries to stay or become apathic and numb by singing and the low tone, that should deafen the conscience. At the end it nearly works: the last cry has nearly no consequences in the "nervous system"....
have a good day

Hej Sergey, No7: Glass to the wall, there is someone doing things and next door there is a guy, who puts a glass to the wall, to spy on him....than the situation turns around...who is listening to whom?

8 part:

A Glass to a Wall

SHABOHIN: part 8 keywords

State, Ideology: Control

Organism: Sensory System

City: Monitoring System

Process: Observation

Selected items: Glass for Wiretapping (Faceted glass). Two surveillance cameras. A photo of a raven attacking a pigeon. Switch. Earring. Magnifier. Glass. Birdcage. Binoculars. Radio circuit

The slogan on the flag: Glasses to the Wall!

Ulysses (chapter number): 11

Mythology: Sirens

Document / note: Records of the heard expressions of neighbors (with the help of glass though the wall)

Symbol: Two circles / oo
OGIERMANN: about the musical work on: Practice of Subordination

From the email conversation with Sergey Shabohin:

Dear Sergey,
the scetch I sent for an alternative no. 8 is defenitely too long, I can do a shorter version. For me, this proposal is (as a no.8) too similar to the sounds of no. 7 (as we think about all the pieces and videos as ONE circle)...but I can make a shorter version of the long feedback-piece (called 8b e.g.) and we see, what happens
best and have a good day

9 part:

Propaganda's Draft of Wind

SHABOHIN: part 9 keywords

State, Ideology: Propaganda

Organism: Respiratory System

City: Mass Media. Advertising

Process: Informing

Selected items: Post-Truth (Father's radio with devalued money hidden inside). Two air conditioners. TV set with napkin and icons. Hood chain. Fishing hook. Inhaler. Modem. Scheme of creating a pistol from a newspaper

The slogan on the flag: The Flame Will Go Out With the Draft Propaganda

Ulysses (chapter number): 7

Mythology: Aeolus

Document / note: T-shirt with the national Belarusian symbols washed many times during the exhibition, action documentation

Symbol: Two mandorles
OGIERMANN: about the musical work on: Practice of Subordination

From the email conversation with Sergey Shabohin:

Hello Sergey,

you can find my (already planned) no 9 / wanted to finish it, before going ahead.

In this piece I tried to be a lot of radios just with my voice...I like the piece, but be free to choose about my no 8 being no 9.

10 part:

Social Marble

SHABOHIN: part 10 keywords

State, Ideology: Aesthetics Development

Organism: Cover System

City: Decoration. Skin

Process: Decoration

Selected items: Social Marble (Taped graffiti on a marble wall in the Minsk metro). Tile with texts on the seams. Piece of marble
Tile. Stationery button. Children's constructor cube. Rubik's Cube. Building lattice. Wire mesh

The slogan on the flag: So-o-o-o-ocial Marble

Ulysses (chapter number): 18

Mythology: Penelope

Document / note: Blurred text in a note

Symbol: Two intersecting circles forming a mandorla
OGIERMANN: about the musical work on: Practice of Subordination

From the email conversation with Sergey Shabohin:

Dear Sergey,
my number 10. You wanted Kitsch, and You get Kitsch.....but I LIKE it...so, its an improvisation with my cheap keyboard and voice (singing a phantasy-language)...a second voice was added afterwards, pitched a minor 3rd upwards, which does NOT fit all the time, which I especially like (and the first voice was defenitely NOT made with auto-correction!)....hope You like it? Maybe there is too less disturnbance?, ...but I think, following the cycle, it is good to have something unambigues....

11 part:

Rotten Socialism

SHABOHIN: part 11 keywords

State, Ideology: Resource Digestion

Organism: Digestive and Excretory System

City: Catering System, Water Supply and Sewerage

Process: Self-Absorption

Selected items: Rotten Socialism (Gutter). Garbage chute. Eternal flame. Wall pipes. Coin. Enema. Gutter. Pipes. Gas pipeline schematic diagram

The slogan on the flag: Rotten Socialism!

Ulysses (chapter number): 8

Mythology: Laestrygonians

Document / note: 5 Years Out of Pipes Stinks! Rotten Socialism!!!

Symbol: Two vertical lines / ||

OGIERMANN: about the musical work on: Practice of Subordination

From the email conversation with Sergey Shabohin:

Hej Sergey,

here is No 11

This time I used an orchestra piece by Aleksander Mossolow: „ZAVOD“ (one of this naturalistic crescendo pieces) but the fragments from the piece were taken backwards. So it is a decrescendo...in between toilet-sounds and dripping water (rotten socialism)

Have fun

12 part:

The Columns of the Power (Hooves)

SHABOHIN: part 12 keywords

State, Ideology: Gain of the Force

Organism: Muscular System

City: Power Structures

Process: Strengthening

Selected items: Piece of Evidence (Seized phone). Suspicious bag. Sandbox. Spray can, jacket and seized flash drive. Clip. Flash drive. Spray can. Dumbbell. Columns. Fifth column

The slogan on the flag: Watch for the Watchers

Ulysses (chapter number): 12

Mythology: Cyclops

Document / note: Fingerprints + documentation of peeping from behind a jacket

Symbol: Circle crossed out with plus

OGIERMANN: about the musical work on: Practice of Subordination

From the email conversation with Sergey Shabohin:

Sergey, here is

No 12.

That took me a while: first I thought, just to leave the soundfile You proposed unaltered,.... it is, even if You don´t understand a word (I read some of the commentaries also (translated by google)), such a strong and terrible "music"...so, what can we do?? On the other hand: to capitulate before strong fasco-force???...so I first tried to cut the document in slices between audible "language" and silence, than I set the silence in its portions to 0 dB...this You can hear after a first part of the original document...one can hear, which I didn´t hear before, that there is a radio playing "under" the scene...from that sequence I took a rhythm out, over which parts of the document are heard...at the end the last part of document is heard WITHOUT any longer silences, which makes it even more disturbing I think...so this is my result...hope You "like" it

13 part:

People's Opium (Red Poppies)

SHABOHIN: part 13 keywords

State, Ideology: People's Opium

Organism: Endocrine system

City: Culture, Religion, Entertainment

Process: Enjoyment

Selected items: People's Opium (Urn for collecting money for the construction of the church). Star on Victory Square. Dead stor. Funeral flower. Cross. Kitsch sculpture. Frame. Poppies

The slogan on the flag: In the Cemetery Poppies Give the Best Opium

Ulysses (chapter number): 5

Mythology: Lotophages (Lotus-Eaters)

Document / note: Marina Tsvetaeva: "You walk..."

You walk, somewhat like myself,
Hunched, and not looking up.
I used to lower my eyes as well!
Stop here, passerby, stop!

Having gathered your flowers in a
Bouquet, read the stone by the gate -
It will say I was named Marina,
And I lived to the following date.

It’s a grave, but don’t treat it as such,
My spirit won’t rise to haunt you…
I, myself, loved laughing too much
Whenever I wasn’t supposed to!

My hair was once curled and twisted
And blood used to rush to my face.
Hey, passerby, I also existed!
Hey, passerby, slow your pace!

Stop here and pluck a wild stem
And after that – pick this berry:
No berries are sweeter than
The ones from a cemetery.

Only don’t stand there sighing,
And please do not hang your head.
But rather think of me lightly
And afterward, likewise, forget.

How the sun shines down upon you!
Its rays set the dust aglow.
And don’t let my voice disturb you
And vex you from down below.

May 3, 1913

Symbol: Plus / +

OGIERMANN: about the musical work on: Practice of Subordination

From the email conversation with Sergey Shabohin:

Dear Sergey, 
no 13th music is a kind of study onto the music of Gesualdo I made once for a choir...we listen to it played by the program muse-score, and here is the (improvised during recording) text of the „priest“ transcribed:

People´s Opium/Text

So, let us pray
and follow, and follow, follow

This taken emotional structure
you will find it
if in present or in past.....

You can imagine,
if You are inside
a following structure,
or if You are outside
if You are a non-knower:
that has the power to take You
by the itself
and You will find the way out.

And, in the last consequence,
be free in this structure of tones.
Follow the structure and You will be free.

No one is with You in Your ears,
no one is with You in Your brain,
no one is with You in Your body.

So, please, get up!

And now You got it,
and You get it in any layer of Your brain and Your body,
in Your soul and in Your mind,
You will have the total freedom,
by the power of the lord,
by the power of the music,
by anything that makes You
the one and only percieving.

So, You did raise?

Go out and follow this path,
stay insid, stay inside, stay inside.


14 part:

The Zones of Extrusion (Alien)

SHABOHIN: part 14 keywords

State, Ideology: Hunting for Others (Search for an internal enemy)

Organism: Pathologies

City: Exclusion Zones

Process: Extrusion

Selected items: Alienation of Pathologies (Denture). Inverted wheelchair. Bag crushed by bricks. Electrical panel with plugs with a diagram. Denture tooth. Pills. Hookah from an aluminum can. Crutch. Toilet device for disabled people

The slogan on the flag: Hunting for Others Will Come Back to Them

Ulysses (chapter number): 3

Mythology: Proteus

Document / note: Article from the Internet about the army and homosexuals: The Presence of Removable Dentures "Will Release" From Military Service or How in Belarus Stimulate "Faggots"

Symbol: Minus / -
OGIERMANN: about the musical work on: Practice of Subordination

From the email conversation with Sergey Shabohin:

Dear sergey,
No 14 is (like no 7) a kind of collecting together some hints/fragments from 8 – 13 and bring them together with scratches of my violin with very short and low violin-sounds in between and very moved tones come in, the two channels form a kind of „canon“, starting frrom the same point, but the left channel is a little slower.

15 part:

Strained Strings

SHABOHIN: part 15 keywords

State, Ideology: Tension. Alarm gain

Organism: Peripheral Nervous System

City: Electrical and Signal Communications

Process: Voltage

Selected items: Voltage Rise (Burst light bulb). Wires in the wall. Wires. Electricity meter. Spring. Battery. Light bulb. Dust extractor. Magnetic voltage

The slogan on the flag: I'm Not Afraid Anymore! Fear's in the Eye of the Beholder

Ulysses (chapter number): 16

Mythology: Eumaeus

Document / note: "I'm Afraid More -Dad-"

Symbol: Two horizontal lines / =

OGIERMANN: about the musical work on: Practice of Subordination

From the email conversation with Sergey Shabohin:

Hej Sergey,
by a very short decision I tried to do No. 15
There is a sound called "telephone" (which is defenitely an old us-american one) on my cheap keyboard...I recorded a small sequence...pitched and stretched it (some acoustical "corrections" also), made again a kind of proportional canon,..... I like it a lot and it could go on for hours for me...but in the cycle this 5 minutes should be enough.

16 part:

The Decay of the Liver

SHABOHIN: part 16 keywords

State, Ideology: Accumulation of Excess // Inability to Protect

Organism: Immune System

City: Economy // Emergency Services, Security

Process: Decay and Protection

Selected items: Impossibility to Protect (Broken knife). Broken ATM. Table against the wall. Clamped Books. Broken pin. Dart. Piggy bank with a knife. Economic Scheme Up and Down

The slogan on the flag: Fresh Fish Always Smells — Thawed Fish Starts to Stink Only When it's Defrosting

Ulysses (chapter number): 4

Mythology: Calypso

Document / note: Crossed out phrase: "I'm Not Afraid Anymore!"

Symbol: Circle with a horizontal line
OGIERMANN: about the musical work on: Practice of Subordination

From the email conversation with Sergey Shabohin:

Hi Sergey,
No.16....The tractor Youtube Video You gave the link did not function anymore, but I found several tractor sounds...in combination with melodica and nepali-oboe, which I recorded today...the form is a kind of crescendo, but in the end there is a longer period of decay because of the DECAY of the liver

17 part:

Crisis as a Chance (Fire)

SHABOHIN: part 17 keywords

State, Ideology: Crisis

Organism: Crisis, Illness, Old Age

City: Decay

Process: Withering

Selected items: Workaday Arson (Burning toilet paper). Subway explosion trail. Wrecked car. Door lock. Broken needle. Lighter. Broken bottle. Fire extinguisher. Date and time of the terrorist attack in the Minsk metro

The slogan on the flag: We Still Trample Traumas and Fears in the Gaps of Desperation

Ulysses (chapter number): 2

Mythology: Nestor

Document / note: Trampling the subway + major date 11.04.2011 17:55

Symbol: Horizontal crossed mandorla

OGIERMANN: about the musical work on: Practice of Subordination

From the email conversation with Sergey Shabohin:

Dear Sergey,
No. 17 is using parts of the recording from the videos about the bombing in the Minsk-subway You did send...in between feedback sounds (there is NO voice in it, nevertheless one could think it) and (introduced with harsh cuts) a groaning man from Pudowkins DESERTER (one of my most favorite films concerning sound and picture), You can hear it also at the end

18 part:

Death / Rebirth

SHABOHIN: part 18 keywords

State, Ideology: Overthrow, Change of Power

Organism: Death

City: Destruction, Ritual System

Process: Dying

Selected items: Death? (Found on the highway boot). Elemental monument at the place of death. Broken missing person announcement. Icon lamp. Razor blade. Bone. Rope loop. Two crosses

The slogan on the flag: Death is Just an Alternative

Ulysses (chapter number): 6

Mythology: Hades

Document / note: Triad and reflections on three

Symbol: Circle with a cross

OGIERMANN: about the musical work on: Practice of Subordination

From the email conversation with Sergey Shabohin:

Hej Sergey:
No 18: This time I used the LP of the first classical record I have ever heard (and I heard that a lot as a child): Schubert´s so called unfinished symphony. At the beginning, with the very low basses and the super-low dynamics, for me it was only a beautiful noise for years and I was in a way shocked when I heard it live for the first time,...there was no noise, there was very low music with the basses...so the piece 18 has very low dynamics in it...at the end there is a short reminiscence to a poem by Dylan Thomas: „Do not go gentle into that good night, rage rage against“....so death is not only a "good night" it is also something to fight in lifetime....

After finishing the cycle:

(From an imaginary mail)
Dear Sergey,
I think, in the music there is an inner structure, a form, which I found after listening to the cycle as a whole, one could say there is a

PART 1 public education (1 – 7)
PART 2 clichees to the head (8 - 14)
PART 3 resulting up to death (15 – 18)

But this is maybe not important for the listeners.........

C.O. January 30th, , 2021