ST()RE #11:
Blind Window



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Site-specific installation
For Forum Regionum, Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture, Dnepr, Ukraine

The installation is located in the lobby of the building of the early 20th century, which for a long time was in an abandoned state. Now in this building repair and creation of the Dnepr Center of Contemporary Culture has begun. The main large window in the lobby is missing. Installation repeats the emptiness of its opening. The sculpture is pasted over with a rocaille film depicting marble (the sculpture is hollow inside), creating the effect of a heavy marble slab.

On the reverse side, a detailed glossary is displayed on the installation surface, which tells about the many connotations and contains references to historical and current processes. This installation is about the reorganization (breakthrough) of the historical space into a new cultural institution and a warning about the dangers of creating fakes.

This work also belongs to the cycle ST()RE.

Site-specific installation
ST()RE #11: Blind Window,
Dnipro Center for
Contemporary Culture,

Dnepr, Ukraine,