New project:
ID: N23.1

Оpen Muzej

June 2, 2023

The project was initiated by a group of Belarusian professionals and experts in the sphere of contemporary art. Our goal is to create an open public museum focused on research, archiving, preservation, support, development and demonstration of Belarusian contemporary art. Perceiving museum as a process and a community, as a joint experience of practicing public history and a way of understanding the world as well as respecting art/culture as a right of every person the team sees and develops the Open Muzej (OM) as a nomadic infrastructure.

We see this structure as a horizontal, free, ecological, inclusive and polyphonic organization. The special focus of the project is to build a horizontal network structure like a "mycelium” with the ability to sprout fruit in the most unexpected places. Hence, decentralization, collective intelligence, spontaneity, freedom, and nomadic infrastructure become the main concepts concentrating the meanings OM.

Contemporary art as a part of Belarusian national identity is investigated through the similarity with other cultural experiences: from the construct of the national to the universal. The strategies of "pamezhnasci" (borderland) – intercultural and supranational practices combining elements of different cultures and "tutejshasci" (from-here-ness) as a response to the uncertainty of the context caused by the fact that most of the cultural representatives are now in migration, practicing fluidity and flexibility in relation to new conditions and the new nomadic experience of life and work – find their expression here.


Anna Chistoserdova
Iryna Con
Valentina Kiselyovа
Sergey Shabohin

With participation: 
Yulia Bardun and Antonina Stebur