Light Source


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Installation with mural
For group exhibition Names, Korpus, Minsk, Belarus

Mural Light Source,
Korpus, Minsk, Belarus, 
The installation is based on the story of Alexander Zidovich – a resident of Molodechno, who lost his sight quite early. For 18 years he has been working at the Enva enterprise, which is part of the Belarusian Association of Visually Impaired Persons, which specializes in the manufacture of electrical products.

Alexander told that when he returns home after work, he turns on the light that he does not see. “A man lives here!” Alexander proudly explains his tradition.

The hero is deprived of the opportunity to perceive the electromagnetic radiation of light, but he gives up the light differently: literally collecting electrical products, including light, sharing his infectious optimism, despite the vicissitudes of life. His statement is in the form of an image of a five-storey elongated block house, where the phrase “A man lives here” is lit outside the windows. The image of the light slogan is placed on a long tabletop with a bench. In front of the tabletop is a huge image of the outlet.

Sergey Shabohin created
an installation Light Source
on the basis of the meeting
with unseeing Alexander

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