Group exhibition and curatorial project:
ID: E19.1


Pose, Subordination,
Festivities and Hedgehogs.


6 — 30 June, 2019

Aperto Raum, Berlin, Germany

Maria Isserlis, Sergey ShabohinChristy Woody

Uladzimir Hramovich, Ala SavashevichSergey Shabohin, Olia Sosnovskaya

Sergey Shabohin:
Practices of Subordination:
Archive in 18 Folders

Aperto Raum, in partnership with Slavs and Tatars’ residency program and Goethe-Institut, is pleased to present an exhibition and public program with four young Belarusian artists: Uladzimir Hramovich, Sergey Shabohin, Ala Savashevich and Olia Sosnovskaya.

What is young, contemporary Belarusian art? What are the connecting points with global artistic practices? How resilient are post-Soviet realities? All these questions intrigued us when we first met artist, curator, and chief editor of Art Aktivist and KALEKTAR, Sergey Shabohin. His initial presentation on Belarusian contemporary art provided us a starting point to inquire further about young voices coming from Belarus and how to present this line of questions to a broader public in Berlin.

Pose, Subordination, Festivities and Hedgehogs was conceived as a cooperation with Slavs and Tatars’ residency and mentoring program. In collaboration with the first phase of the residency, Aperto selected one project per artist to provide a small insight into the current topics of interests and artistic practises of the Belarusian art scene.

Slavs and Tatars is an internationally-renowned art collective devoted to the area East of the former Berlin Wall and West of the Great Wall of China, known as Eurasia. The collective's residency and mentorship program offers artists, curators, researchers and scholars from Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia a unique mentorship program at the collective’s studio in Berlin. During the program (from 1 to 3 months), residential participate in one of Slavs and Tatars’ various activities–from transcultural research and knowledge production to the articulation and production of publications, lectures and exhibitions, work on their own practice and gain familiarity with the Berlin art community.

This exhibition marks the beginning of a long-term cooperation between Slavs and Tatars’ residency program and Aperto Raum. Through providing a project space as well as a curatorial support for an exhibition and programming, Aperto is proud to present insights and artists for the first time in Berlin.

The pilot version of the residency was launched in the Fall of 2018 with 4 artists from Minsk, Belarus and a curator from Yerevan, Armenia – in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Belarus und Goethe-Zentrum Yerevan.

Goethe Institut Minsk, Aperto Raum, Slavs and Tatars