Group exhibition:
ID: E14.1



September 13 — October 2, 2014

Ў Gallery, Minsk, Belarus

Tania Arcimovič, Aleksei Borisionok, Valentina Kiselyova, Inga Lindarenko

Group Bergamot, Anatoly Belov, Zhanna Gladko, Michaił Hulin, Alexey Lunev, Tatiana Reut, Olga Sosnovskaja, Tilda Swinton & Sandro Kopp, Lucine Talalyan / Queering Erevan collective, Wolfgang Tillmans, Sergey Shabohin, Aleksej Borisenok & Inga Lindarenko & Anton Sorokin
Installation Zones of Repression

Sergey Shabohin:
fragment of installation

Zones of Repression,

#Identity is formed through relations between subjects and community and is determined through the horizon of an imaginary structure, with which an individual associates her/himself — a #gender, a nation, a social class etc.

In order to be a part of a particular social group, an #individual has to accept or reject the rules and practices of appearance, which are associated with particular identities. We can critique these predetermined images and models, however, we can’t ignore them. Because our clothing, #sexuality and behaviour are the markers, on the basis of which we are determined as fitting or not fitting into a group, or determined as threatening (which can inflict #aggression and provoke #violence) or as immediately trustworthy. The individual therefore gets caught in a kind of a normative box, only through which he is understood and accepted by the society or a particular community.

Nevertheless, these days more young people refuse to define their specific ‘labels’. They understand their identity as dynamic, discontinuous, non-binary and call themselves #queer (American colloquial for #others, weird or marginal groups). This is how the queer move towards opposing the society that wishes to frame (to ‘normalise’) them, understand them in specific terms and through this ‘boxing’ form an attitude towards them.

What is behind each of them for an individual, society or the world as a whole? How do we understand and interpret them? What is a norm for our society, and where are the margins of its tolerance? Can we conceive ourselves beyond the borders of determination, so that to self-style our own identity and exercise control over it?
Hash tags of the project:
#norm, #identity, #individual, #other, #taboo, #queer, #gender, #sexuality, #tolerance, #violence, #society, #love, #stranger, #fear, #trust, #bodily and etc.