Group exhibition:
ID: E19.18


The City of Tomorrow

September 30 — October 25, 2019

Art Belarus Gallery, ZAL #2, Minsk, Belarus

Ruben Arevshatyan, Anna Kats, Georg Schöllhammer

Curator of the Belarusian part of the exhibition: Dmitry Zadorin

With the participation of artists:
Marina Naprushkina, Sergey Shabohin

Sergey Shabohin:
series Social Marble
in the Center of Europe
Art Belarus Gallery, ZAL #2,
Minsk, Belarus,

The Soviet cities and their architecture were designed as a model for a new society. They were supposed to convey a sense of social unity throughout the USSR. The traveling exhibition The City of Tomorrow explores the architectural implementation of alternative social concepts, which have emancipatory, but also oppressive and colonial elements. The focus lies on the development of modernist Soviet architecture and its current heritage — with all its representatives, local dialects and unknown masterpieces.

The opening will be followed by a panel discussion with the curatorial team around Anna Kats, Ruben Arevshatyan, Georg Schöllhammer and Dimitry Zadorin. They discuss the theses of the exhibition by using the city of Minsk as an example.

Goethe Institute