Festival / plein air:
ID: W53.1


Shadow of Freedom /
ІІ International Paradzhanov Festival
on Levandovka

August 25 — 26, 2017

Paradzhanov Festival, Suputnik place, Lviv, Ukraine

Sarmen Beglarian, Viktoria Danelian

Meki Giorgadze, Zhanna Gladko, Grzegorz Kozera, Mateusz Kowalczyk, Na Kulik, Mariia Mariia, Olga Salakheyeva, Sergey Shabohin, Bazil Stachievich, Pavel Valerjevič
Installation Displacement Zones: Paradzhanov's Prison Records

Sergey Shabohin:
installation Displacement Zones:
Paradzhanov's Prison Records

For the second year II International Parajanov Festival in Levandivka is held in cultural art center “Suputnyk” in Lviv, which is in the former cinema “Strilets”.

Last year the curator of visual part of the festival, Victoria Danelyan, faced a responsible choice about a location to hold the event. And the decision was made in favor of “Supuntyk” among other avaliable options, such as: Lviv Art Palace, Potocki Palace and Lviv cinema. Answering the question “Why?”, Victoria claims: “Because we excepted the challenge to leave the comfortable museum space to face the territory or experiment”. After all, architectural features of the cinema building caused fresh and original solutions about the constraction of the exposition, which properly tells the public about Sergiy Parajanov. The curator also says that on the assumption of the buildding is being under threat of demolition, it was important for “Suputnyk” to establish itself as a cultural art space with the mission of humanitarian development of the periphery of Lviv.

This year's residency “Shade of freedom”, which is held within the framework of II Parajanov Festival in Levandivka, is hosting 5 artists from Belarus: Sergey Shabohin, Bazinato Bazil (Igor Stachievich), Zhanna Gladko and duo, Olga Salakheyeva and Pavel Niakhayeu. Artists are going to work with a wide spectrum of senses from freedom of statement and self-identification issues to the theme of love of Sergiy Parajanov and his first wife.

A bit later you'll be able to see the accomplished art projects of our residents on our facebook page.