Curatorial project:
E9.6, E10.7-8

Program: START

2009 – 2010

Sergey Shabohin was the curator of the program for young Belarusian artists. He worked with artists and curated their first solo exhibition in the Ў Gallery (Minsk, Belarus). In the future, the program was transformed into a competition for young artists Smart Art.  

The program manager and curator:
Sergey Shabohin

3 exhibition has been realized for the program:

14.11 – 14.12.2009
Project #1, personal exhibition of Yozm-Yozm (Oleg Ivchenko

15 – 31.07.2010
Chrysalis, personal exhibition of Nadzezhda Makeeva

19 – 25.04.2010
Ambivalent, personal exhibition of Zhanna Gladko