Andrei Liankevich: Pagan

Oktober 20, 2010

Creating a photographic album about the project Andrei Liankevich

Design and page-proofs:
Sergey Shabohin

Andrei Liankevich


About book:
A book about the mystics, signs and rituals of Pagan traditions in Belarus.

«Book is about Belarus Pagan tradition, sacred animals and birds, plants and stones. Belarus people have original culture rooted back in pagan, pre-Christian days. The Belarusian culture has benefited from the fact that when the Slavic tribs came to inhabit nowadays Belarus lands they accept the achievements of Pagan Baltic and Finno-Ugric tribes. This form of religious perception existed for quite a long time (we can freely speak about 15-20 centuries) and made the basis of today’s Belarusian culture. Now there is no doubt that Belarusians had written language already in the pagan period (earlier the emergence of the written language was attributed to the advent of Christianity). And when Prince Vladimir’s efforts to baptise people in the 10th century A.D. , he could not completely destroy Pagan believes : the faith in the magic powers of trees, birds, flowers and stones…»