Belarusian Pavilion 53 Venice Biennale

Juni 6, 2009

Sergey Shabohin was the winner of the exhibition Belarusian pavilion 53 Venice Biennale (Belexpo, Minsk, Belarus)

The artist has produced four series of works for Belarusian Pavilion 53 Venice Biennale which became a protest of the Belarusian unofficial artistic circle against the reluctance of the authorities to prepare Belarus for participation in this Biennale. The self-proclaimed Belarusian pavilion became the significant event in Minsk and has attracted the attention of the authorities. Due to its implementation – Belarus will be first presented in 2011 in Venice. The works have generated interest of the public and the professional jury — the artist became the winner in both categories: The Choice of the Spectator and The Choice of the Jury.