ST()RE #7: Gold Censorship


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Public-art site-specific installation
For festival Pro_spectus, Art Prospect, Saint Petersburg, Russia

The installation is a model of a spontaneous monument at the place of the death of Boris Nemtsov in Moscow. The last two sections of the fence on Novorossiyskaya Street in St. Petersburg (not far from the famous Black River) as a symbol of the last decades of Vladimir Putin’s rule in Russia. The monument to Nemtsov is constantly painted over with black spray – the struggle with memory. In the installation, everything is "destroyed" by a gold spray – a symbol of Russian imperialism.

The project pro_spectus consists of three individual works by Belarusian artists:
Sergey Shabohin: Gold Censorship (ST()RE #7), 2015
Andrei Dureika: Punctuation, 2015
Igor Savchenko: Attempts at Connotative Translation, 2015
Public-art installation
ST()RE #5,
Saint Petersburg, Russia