ST()RE #10:


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Site-specific installation
For festival Contexts 2019 / IX International Festival of Ephemeral ArtSokołowsko, Poland

The action of the book by Thomas Mann "Magic Mountain" takes place in a sanatorium for patients with tuberculosis. The writer introduces the romantic term Kadaverruhe (German: “corpse” plus “rest”), which can be translated as rest of corpses or rest on corpses. In sanatoriums to maintain importance for recovery, optimism was forbidden to discuss their illness, complain about health, and talk about death. These motels for many hopelessly sick were hospices. Just as no one suffered, did not see. Everyone who disappeared from the sanatorium was immediately consigned to oblivion.

The cycle of works ST()RE is devoted to the opening of an invisible history. Showcases are always used for this project (in this case, the window of the former sanatorium). On the glass are placed xero-wallpaper with the image of the X-ray of the lungs of a patient with tuberculosis. This is a deliberate reminder at the carefree festival of the many victims of the disease.

Site-specific installation
ST()RE #10: Kadaverruhe,
Brehmer's Sanatorium,
The Black Hall

Sokołowsko, Poland,