ST()RE #1, #2, #3

Project curator: Hanna Liubakova

«During the ArtBoom Tauron Festival, glass display cases have been installed in the centre of Krakow, on sites of historical importance boxes of various dimensions created by Sergey Shabohin especially for specific locations in the city. The artist studied the history of the places and filled the cases with the most varied array of objects, texts, and paintings. They allude to the history and events associated with the selected places, but also to the experiences randomly encountered by passers-by in the area. Inside the cases there are reproductions, prints, sculptures, modern items, photographs, maps and landscapes, but also «created by the artist» photographic images of contemporary tourists, which are juxtaposed with historical documents, reproductions of artworks, modern objects and representations of global catastrophes and tragedies. Shabohin’s objects are, in the conception of the artist, to constitute a synthesis of public and private life, the past and the present, facts and lies, the exceptional and the banal. For passers-by these glass boxes may be just a new attraction, an entertaining display, a type of information kiosk or pseudo-museum, and for many people travelling to Krakow, they may seem a sort of trap»

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