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Since 2021
ID: C9


Plate Tectonics

A cycle about large-scale geopolitical upheavals: military conflicts, pandemics, protest waves, remaking of the world order, cultural revolutions – by way of example of the turbulent times in the Eastern European region. The project incorporates found images and methodological approaches from other cycles such as Social Marble, We Are Stern Consumers of Cultural Revolutions, and Border-Gap, which also examine the context of historical and cultural layering and the topic of faults and borders. This cycle presents mental landscapes in the context of current news nervous storylines. Different imagery collides in the works – geometric plates are layered on different backgrounds depicting landscapes and spaces. Taking the ideas of avant-garde art of the 1920s as a basis, the artist has transferred abstract forms into the context of the realistic, the twilight, the romantic and the expressionistic, creating an atlas of images of colossal transformations in culture, politics and, more broadly, human consciousness.

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