2009 / 2010:

Only 15 Minutes of Fame
and Andy – Gold Head

W6.1, W9.1

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Only 15 Minutes of Fame
 for group exhibition Visual Arts. New Practices, Ў Gallery, Minsk, Belarus

Andy – Gold Head
for group exhibition The Crowd Philosophy. Belarusian Neo-Pop Art, Ў Gallery, Minsk, Belarus

Andy – Gold Head ,
Ў Gallery, Minsk, Belarus,

The exhibition The Crowd Philosophy. Belarusian Neo-Pop Art also presented an object Andy – Gold Head (painted in Andy Warhol's golden plaster bust). In 2010, he was devoted to a separate installation Only 15 Minutes of Fame, which consists of empty boxes of various products placed on each other – anti-consumer monument.
Only 15 Minutes of Fame,  
Ў Gallery, Minsk, Belarus,