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Procedural mail art exhibition-collection:

December 18, 2021 – December 21, 2022
Gray Mandorla Studio, Poznan
Sergey Shabohin
Raman Aksionau, Harutyun Alpetyan, Andrey Anro, A.R.Ch., Agata Awruk, Babi Badalov, Rufina Bazlova, Yevgenia Belorusets, Anatoly Belov, Yuriy Biley, Bouillon Group, Dasha Buben, Aleksandra Czerniawska, Lena Davidovich, Vasya Dmytryk, Andrii Dostliev, Lia Dostlieva, Andrei Dureika, Daniil Galkin, Zhanna Gladko, Aliaksei Goubarev, Janna Grak, Paweł Grześ, Mikhail Gulin, Uladzimir Hramovich, Oleg Ivchenko (Yozm-Yozm), Nikita Kadan (with Karolina Zajaczkowska), Zhanna Kadyrova, Nikolay Karabinovych, Aleksei Kazantsev, Alexander Kazello, Olga Kirillova, Sergey Kiryuschenko, Artur Klinau, Yulia Krivich, Tasya Krougovykh, Yuriy Kruchak, Yana Kuchynskaya, Yuri Leiderman, Andrei Loginov, Alexey Lunev, Marko Mäetamm, Volha Maslouskaya, Paweł Matyszewski, Semyon Motolyanets, Lada Nakonechna, Marina Naprushkina, Nikolay Oleynikov, Vasilisa Palianina, Petr Pavlensky, Dan Perjovschi, Ghenadie Popescu, Karol Radziszewski, Vlada Ralko, Nastya Ryabova, Oleksandr Rojtburd (courtesy of Cyrill Lipatov), Ala Savasheviсh, Igor Savchenko, Eugene Shadko, Jana Shostak, Aleksandra Ska, Aliaxey Talstou, Slavs and Tatars, Antonina Slobodchikova, Anna Sokolova, Tamara Sokolova, Olia Sosnovskaya, Igor Tishin, Raman Tratsiuk, Marek Wodzisławski, Oleg Yushko, Alesia Zhitkevich 

Gray Mandorla Manifest is a procedural group mail art exhibition that includes works that were mainly sent by mail especially for the opening day of Sergey Shabohin's studio. All the works were donated and immediately formed into a common collection of the same name with the exhibition.

At its core, this project is an experiment in which Sergey Shabohin invited his colleagues from different countries, with some of whom he collaborated, got acquainted in the framework of various trips and events, and monitors their activities with interest. He created a large list of  artists and sent them a mailing list inviting them to participate in the project. In his address, he emphasized that this project is a symbolic reflection of the community of artists, and how, using the example of contacts of one of the members of this community, one can dynamically create a certain section of Eastern European art based on friendly and professional ties.

Since Sergey Shabohin called his workshop Gray Mandorla Studio, he asked colleagues to send their works in one way or another related to the concept of space: images of the figure of a mandorla, the Plato's cave, the workshop as a refuge and a den, the sexual connotations of a pit-womb (Utrobata), a valve-breathing-speaking system, holes and gaps in history and other symbols of holes that in one form or another can be found in the activities of any artist.

The exhibition is a procedural one: many works will appear in the exposition after the opening, and the exposition can be transformed. The description of each work will also appear on a special website during the project. At the end, a film will be prepared, and by the closing day, a special box has been designed for storing and transporting the collection.

Mikita Bubashkin

Kalektar platform


Gray Mandorla Studio:

Mostowa 5/12, Poznan

Exhibition opening and housewarming
of Gray Mandorla Studio:

December 18, 2021 from 18:00 to 21:00

On other days, the exhibition will be open
by appointment only:

Assistant Heorhi Minets: +48 576 373 031

Collection info:

︎  In the order in which artworks appear in the collection

№, year
Name, title, technical information
Description of the work 
+ info


2006 / -21

Tamara Sokolova



Digital print

41 x 29 cm

Description of the work will appear later




Raman Aksionau



Performance documentation, Gorizont plant in Minsk Photo print
21 x 14 cm

Description of the work will appear later




Babi Badalov

Azerbaijan / France

this more ning M and U

From cycle: Visual Poetry
Light yellow paper, ink
14,5 x 18,2 cm

Description of the work will appear later