Depending on the Path:


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For solo exhibition Autoproject, Ў Gallery, Minsk, Belarus 

Voting and
public-art installation
Depending on the Path: Autoreflection,
Ў Gallery, Minsk, Belarus,
Sergey Shabohin prepared this project specially for the unique to the Belarusian contemporary art opening of the gallery of modern art “Ў”. He put a car in front of the gallery, decorated it with the symbol of the gallery, reminiscent of the one that marks a car intended to teach driving. The gallery asked to fill in ballot papers and throw in the car. To do this the artists lowered the auto glass. Thus, the car turned into a ballot box. The questions on the ballot concerned the painful issues in the Belarusian contemporary art. Voting results were announced later.

Instructions for filling
out the questionnaire