And There is Nothing Left


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Photo montage series
For group exhibition The Belarusian Hall 53 Venice Biennale, Belexpo, Minsk, Belarus  

Photo from series 
And There is Nothing Left,
Kunsthalle Žilina,
Žilina, Slovakia,
The series tells about the death of museum. There are too few places in Minsk where at least sometimes contemporary art is presented. The author counted only four in the period of the series creation (May 2009). The artist, using photomontage, set fire to the Academy of Arts, destroyed the Palace of Arts, closed the gallery Underground and the Museum of Modern Art. The series turned out too small due to lack of exhibition places in the city. The artist wanted to draw attention to this problem. It is interesting to note that after the establishment of the series the art gallery Underground was really closed, and in the Palace of  Arts the ceiling was demolished (for repairs).

Photo installation
And There is Nothing Left,
Zeh, Minsk, Belarus,

Photo montages from series
And There is Nothing Left,

1. Underground Gallery
(Podzemka), Minsk, Belarus

2.Palace of Arts,
Minsk, Belarus

3. Museum of Modern Art,

Minsk, Belarus

4. Academy of Arts,
Minsk, Belarus

5. Action in Zacheta
National Gallery of Art
Warsaw, Poland.
Documentation action
during the exhibition
Opening the Door?
Belarusian Art Today

On the photo Belarusian artists:
Oleg Yushko,
Lena Davidovich,
Marina Naprushkina,
Maxim Tyminko

Photo by Sergey Shabohin

6. Photo montage
And There is Nothing Left:
National Art Museum of Belarus
(Muses Response)