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18 canvases

Practices of Subordination [18 large canvases]

Practices of Subordination

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Materials: 18 canvas, acrylic

Copies: 1 

Size: 18:30x40

Status: Available
Sergey Shabohin: Practices of Subordination, Galeria Arsenal Power station, Bialystok, Poland 
White-Red-White. Contemporary Belarusian Art, CSW Toruń, Toruń, Poland

King/Queen of Matter, Marchand Gallery, Bialystok, Poland (9 canvas) 
Sergey Shabohin: 18 / Practices of Subordination, Canteen XYZ, Minsk, Belarus (documentation) 
Pose, Subordination, Festivities and Hedgehogs. Young Belarusian Artist, Aperto Raum, Berlin, Germany (documentation)