Performance Direction:
ID: N21.2

Performance Direction:

375 0908 2334

The body you are calling
is currently not available

July 24, 2021

Idea, performer:
Igor Shugaleev
Idea, director, artist:
Sergey Shabohin
Video artist, photographer:
Aleksandra Kononchenko
Marina Dashuk

“375 0908 2334. The body you are calling is currently not available”

– the idea of performance arose from the state of protesting against violence, resisting prolonged stress, fear and overcoming feelings of guilt in which Belarusians live nowadays consciously or not. It’s a kind of invitation to conceive being detained in Belarus, to go physically through the lawlessness, illegality and outrage which tens of thousands of civilians went through – violence that continues to this day.

The performer builds a fairly simple way of communicating with the audience: identifying himself with the detainee, he simulates the situation of bodily experience at a certain stage of torture, and thus brings a faceless person out of the information field into a physical one, transforms a conditional victim from news into a living person.

“I was looking for a way to express the horror of the events that befell us – how to talk about numbness, fear and at the same time contempt for violence, about the feeling of guilt for the mass emigration of Belarusians and my own - being just an actor how can I support the protest?” – says Igor. – “And this performance was the answer: it is important to stay in context, active, conscious, not indifferent, not disparait.”